Paula M Hayes, Owner / Chief Investigator

State of North Carolina, Fully Licensed Private Investigator #5148


Over 30 years of experience includes tenures with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations, North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the US Army Corps of Engineers as Chief of Law Enforcement and Security.


When trusting seems elusive...

When confidentiality matters...

When the truth is imperative...

We're on YOUR side!

Our team works with clients to develop and execute individually tailored investigations to maximize results for each client.  Technology, databases, equipment, surveillance and industry sources are employed along side old fashioned sleuthing.  Our agency has the ability to deliver results. 

Every Client is treated with dignity, confidentiality and respect.  Case information is not disseminated without client approval.  Furthermore, only FULLY licensed investigators are employed.  Now, more than ever, who has knowledge of your information makes a difference. 

It's free to ask!

Pick up the phone or send an email.  We are happy to schedule a confidential meeting at our office or consult right over the phone.  Remember, we never charge for an initial consultation.

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